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Some Obsolete Concepts of the Standard Model


Some Obsolete Concepts of the Standard Model

By general agreement among leading scholars the following concepts of twentieth century physics are obsolete because of mathematical errors or experimental refutation.

  1. Einstein field equation and all concepts based on it (geometrically incorrect due to arbitrary neglect of torsion and incorrect connection symmetry).
  2. Point (1) means that there was no big bang, there are no black holes, no dark matter, and no gravitational radiation.
  3. Point (1) means that all metrics that are solutions of the Einstein field equation are incorrect.
  4. The Schwarzschild metric is a misnomer, it was not proposed by Schwarzschild. So called precision tests of the Einstein field equation are meaningless.
  5. The Maxwell Heaviside field theory is internally inconsistent and inconsistent with general relativity.
  6. The claims to precision of quantum electrodynamics are demonstrably exaggerated and QED is not a theory that can be reconciled with general relativity and causality.
  7. The principle of indeterminacy has been refuted experimentally by up to nine orders of magnitude, and is meaningless dogma that violates causality.
  8. The Higgs boson has not been found experimentally, and the Higgs mechanism is arbitrary, it cannot be reconciled with simple general relativity.
  9. String theory is not a Baconian theory of natural philosophy, strings have never been observed in nature, and string theory has not predicted anything new in half a century.
  10. Gauge theory is largely a theory of special relativity, and cannot be reconciled with photon mass theory.

All these defects are remedied to the satisfaction of leading scholars in ECE theory. There are also other successful new theories which are non-standard. To assert that there is a "standard" physics is in itself meaningless, because ideas are always evolving. There has been no refutation of ECE that stands up to scholarly scrutiny, and it has been as accepted as any theory in the history of natural philosophy. ECE is a theory that is based directly on well known geometry, with only two fundamental hypotheses.

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