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The ECE Device Dev area is home to news and articles related to the development of new energy devices based on ECE Theory.  Recent discoveries of a fundamental nature may soon lead to practical applications of ECE Theory to new energy devices.  We will post articles here that we believe will stimulate thought, discussion and research toward practical devices that will eventually lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.

A number of associates are working on various applications and demonstration devices.  As these mature, or are ready for publication, we will document them here.  There is no significance to the order of appearance.

Researchers and practitioners who want to start developing devices based on ECE theory may find valuable practical hints in papers by Horst Eckardt published here;
- Exemplary device design based on resonances in ECE theory
- How space energy devices work
- ECE engineering model.

Publication(s) on device construction;
- Comprehensive Advanced Aerospace Program Utilizing ECE-Theory and Technology by Charles Kellum and William Stewart of the Galactican Group.  This document presents an aerospace program plan which exploits the benefits of ECE-Theory.  The program would utilize an advanced propulsion system concept, functionally termed “Geodesic-Fall”. Achievable geodesic-fall velocities are not bounded by the speed-of-light (c).  The potential, of the geodesic-fall propulsion system technology, is enormous.  Besides the obvious spacecraft applications, such a propulsion system technology could be applied to planetary vehicles (e.g. the automotive industry).
- The Levitron™ A Counter-Gravitation Device for ECE-Theory Demonstration by Charles Kellum The Levitron is a small, inexpensive, anti-gravity device consisting of a base magnet and a top with a magnetic ring attached. The spinning top can be made to "float/levitate" above the magnetic base. Although the Levitron is viewed by some as a toy, it can be used to demonstrate anti-gravity aspects of ECE-Theory. The ECE-Theory is used to explain the dynamics of the Levitron, including the spin requirement for the top.
- Curvature-Based Propulsion Geodesic-Fall an SCR Device Family for Demonstration & Experimentation by Charles Kellum
- Curvature-Based Vehicular Propulsion: Engineering Principles for Cross-Field Device Technology Development by Charles Kellum
- Engineering Specification of the Crossfield-Homopolar Device by Charles Kellum

Energy & Technology for the 3rd Millenium (ET3M).is one of the companies developing novel new energy devices.  Established in Mexico, and centered upon the development of practical applications for recently discovered properties in the field of electrodynamics.  ET3M's focus is the design, construction and marketing of novel electronic microcircuits for the extraction and use of energy from spacetime.  Alex Hill of ET3M has also been instrumental in translating selected papers for publication in the Spanish section of

Hopefully this will be a busy section of the website.  We encourage you to submit your ideas, papers or designs that use ECE Theories for review using the contact us form.  Obviously we cannot promise to publish all submissions here, but we will review them and include those which, in our exclusive judgment, are specifically tied to ECE Theory or make use of ECE Theory in proofs / concepts.


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