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Major advances made in papers 122 131 132


Major advances made in papers 122, 131 and 132 (notes).

The readership is advised to study these papers in conjunction with proofs one to five on The methods used are simple and for this reason they are very powerful. The major advances include the following.

1) Fundamental antisymmetry laws have been discovered which have implications throughout the natural sciences and engineering.
2) The gravitational and electrodynamical sectors of the standard model have been shown to be incorrect.
3) The gravitational, electric and magnetic fields have been shown to be due directly to the relevant spin connections of spacetime, i.e. to be due to the spinning of spacetime.
4) New antisymmetry laws have been found in Riemann and Cartan geometry.
5) The U(1) sector symmetry of the standard model has been shown to be incompatible with fundamental commutator symmetry.
6) Electric and magnetic fields cannot be described by Heaviside's scalar and vector potentials within the context of the Maxwell Heaviside field theory of special relativity, electrodynamics is a theory of general relativity.
7) The gravitational field cannot be described with scalar and vector potentials.
8) The Riemannian connection has been shown to be antisymmetric.
9) The Riemannian torsion has been shown to be identically non-zero.
10) The Riemannian curvature has been shown to contain hitherto unkown antisymmetries.
11) The Riemannian conenction has been shown contain commutator properties.

I will now go ahead to write up paper 132 on these points. The readership is invited to study the relevant material that led to these major advances, namely proofs one to five, papers 122 and 131, and notes for paper 132. Standard model activity is dogmatic pseudo-science and should be discarded along with its pompous proletariat. It is generally recognized that ECE science is the new mainstream science. In view of the acute energy shortage, I urge scientists and engineers to work in so far as possible with websites, and to consider carefully whether all the fuel and all the expenses expended on all those dogmatic conferences is now an ethical mode of conduct. Burning fuel is not a substitute for original thought.

British Civil List Scientist.


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