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Call for Papers Reviews and Monographs


Good quality papers, reviews and monographs on topics based on spacetime torsion and Cartan geometry can be published on this website provided that they are rigorously scientific.  This means that a torsion based theory must be developed in such a way that it can be tested experimentally, and it must also be as simple as possible. 

Twentieth century un-observables are no longer acceptable as scientific, because they cannot be tested experimentally.  In many instances the material on this website proves in great detail that these theories are incorrect, and cannot be accepted any longer as a "standard model". This website is effectively the most prestigious journal in cutting edge physics, and has an unprecedented readership which can be measured objectively.

So good quality work on this website will therefore stand or fall on its own merit, without interference.  If it is worthy, it will be read extensively in the best institutions worldwide.  The existence of this readership means that the standard model no longer has any intellectual authority.  The grotesque personal attacks and campaigns of defamation such as wikipedia mean that the standard model has also lost its basic integrity, and cannot be accepted even as part of society.  It is an obscure world unto itself. It produces useless and abstract material that is no longer accepted as legitimate science, whose rules have been developed over several centuries. 

It is easy to show that the basic ideas of the standard electrodynamics and gravitation are incorrect, as can be seen by the readership of for example ECE theory.  There are other torsion based theories which may also be developed.  The equations of gravitation collapse immediately if they do not consider torsion, and for this reason, ECE field theory is based fundamentally on torsion.

There are many areas which have not been developed in ECE theory to date, for example: thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, stochastic theory, diffusion theory, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, plasma theory, chemical reaction theory, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, descaling theory, chaos theory, fractal theory, and many more.  In due course, a library will be built up to replace the meaningless dogma of the twentieth century.


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