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Photographs of the Coeur d'Alene Energy Conference in Idaho featuring keynote speaker Doug Lindstrom
The conference was attended by about 150 people ranging from back yard inventors to distinguished professors, and government officials, although I think the first category dominated the attendee list. Student scholarships were awarded to four university / technology college students, three of which were Canadian. All were very well spoken, totally enthusiastic about the subject, and determined. The conference opened with Doug Lindstrom,Ph.D. - Basics of ECE Theory, explaining LENR and Other Over-unity Devices . The talk was well received and
stimulated numerous questions at the time and throughout the duration of the conference. The focus of the talk was the application of the ECE theory to the LENR process and to parametric circuits. This was followed by Al Throckmorton - Hho Water Pump. The Dennison University in Ohio was mentioned, and apparently had Bifeld of the Bifeld-Brown effect on the physics department staff. It tended to graduate inventive types of students. This would specifically be worth tracking down to see if it still exists.

Poster announcing the 9th Vigier Symposium and Call for Papers

Symposium chaired by Richard Amoroso honoring Jean-Pierre Vigier one of the best theoretical physicists of the twentieth century who in 1993 accepted the inference of the B(3) field as indicating photon mass and subsequently cotributed to four out of five volumes of "The Enigmatic Photon" (the famous van der Merwe series, Kluwer, 1994 to 2002 in ten volumes hardback and softback).

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  • Unified Physics Institute of Technology - US based Non Profit Cooperative focused on a unified model of physics, new science and technology
  • AIAS sister website
  • Dedicated to Einstein - Cartan - Evans (ECE) Unified Field Theory
  • describes a range of products being manufactured by the Alex Hill group for new energy, energy savings, counter gravitation, anti friction devices and so on
  • TheSearlSolution - Website of John Searl developing a magnetic machine that "structures" ambient energy into useable power.  They are well on the way to producing a production prototype designed to produce power on a useable scale.  Take some time to review the technology and work invested to reach this stage. Visit the Searl Effect store for books and DVDs sbout this exciting technology.

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"I will put a short notice on the blog to the effect that a systematic campaign of defamation against ECE theory and myself has appeared in the corrupt reference vehicle "wikipedia", and that this reference vehicle has been discounted by the profession. It is banned from use by most reputable universities. Wikipedia has removed the vicious personal defamation on myself after intense and sustained international protest, but has now constructed defamation against the theory. Any attacks on myself or ECE theory in this anarchic electronic format do not amount to legitimate science or lawful conduct. This is the considered opinion of the profession over several years of monitoring of harassment and the deliberate falsification of new science by the standard fringe. This campaign reflects negatively on anyone associated with this fringe. This is a sinister development in science and a threat to the integrity of natural philosophy and therefore national security. Were this matter to be brought to court, there would be a strong probability that wikipedia would be found guilty and liable to punitive damages. It has a long history of factual inaccuracy and systematic defamation. The latter is linked to a campaign of harassment and unscholarly attacks which goes back to the early nineties. During this era I have received numerous honours and awards, which are listed in the world's leading reference vehicle Marquis, and in Burke's Peerage and Gentry. harassers have been warned by barristers, and the police have decided to investigate them. This is a devastating indictment of wikipedia and its corrupt methods, an an equally devastating indictment of the obsolete proletariat of physics."  Civil List Scientist





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