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Awards won by the Aberystwyth group


This is a fairly complete list of honours and awards of the famous award winning group at Aberystwyth consisting of Gareth Evans, Colin Reid and myself, and also a record of its unprecedented productivity.

The following awards are for Dr. Gareth Evans:

  • Mathews Prize of the University of Wales
  • Ph. D. 1977
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • University of Wales Fellowship
  • S.E.R.C. Advanced Fellowship
  • author of over a hundred scientific papers and books
  • discoverer of the crystal growth effects named after him.

The following are for Dr Colin Reid:

  • Masters degree 1978
  • Doctoral Degree 1980
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship
  • member of the Mass Spectrometry Unit at UW Swansea
  • author of over fifty scientific papers
  • co-discoverer with M. W. Evans of the far infra red gamma process

The following are for Dr. Myron Evans :

  • Mathews Prize (1969)
  • top first (1971, generally considered the best undergraduate degree of UW Aberystwyth)
  • Dr Samuel Williams studentship (1971)
  • Ph. D. (1974, considered by Mansel Davies to be one of the two best he had supervised),
  • SRC Post Doctoral Fellowship (1974, open competition)
  • ICI European Fellowship (1974, open competition)
  • Canadian NRC Fellowship (1974, open international competition)
  • Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford (1975, open international competition)
  • Ramsay Memorial Fellowship (1976, open competition)
  • SERC Advanced Fellowship (1978, open competition)
  • D. Sc. (1978, for major contributions to knowledge and youngest recipient of Britain and the Commonwealth).
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Harrison Memorial Prize (1978, open competition, major award).
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Meldola Medal (1979, open competition, major award).
  • First EMLG Scientific Coordinator and co-Founder (1980, National Physical laboratory).
  • Two University of Wales Fellowhsips (1983, both in open, inter-subject competition).
  • University of Wales Pilcher Senior Fellowhip (1985, open inter-subject competition).
  • two Leverhulme Trust Fellowships (both in open inter-subject competition).
  • IBM Fellowship (1985, open competition).
  • IBM Visiting Professorship (1985).
  • Honorary Fellowship University of London.
  • Honorary Fellowhsip University of Lancaster.
  • Visiting Professor Cornell, Zurich, Penn State, York University Toronto and Indian Statistical Institute.
  • Professorship UNCC
  • Director AIAS (1988 to present)
  • Civil List Pension 2005 in recognition of distinguished service to Britain in science, a British High Honour akin to Order of Merit and Appointment by Parliament.
  • Many Editions of Marquis Who's Who in America, the World and Science and Engineering.
  • Author of about seven hundred and fifty scientific papers and books. Website where a complete list is available.
  • Numerous medals and awards.
  • Naturalized a US citizen in 2000, British citizen by birthright, born and resident in Craigcefnparc.

Dr Myron Evans' fields of interest and major discoveries include:

  • explanation of the far infra red region of the spectrum in terms of molecular dynamics
  • co-pioneer of computer simulation
  • co-discoverer with Colin Reid of the far infra red gamma process
  • development of field applied computer simulation
  • various discoveries in molecular dynamics using computer simulation
  • development of group theoretical statistical mechanics
  • discoverer of the fundamental spin field of electromagnetic radiation
  • development of electrodynamics using gauge theory, generally covariant unified field theory, which has made an unprecedented impact (2003 to present, activity feedback)
  • Book of poetry (2005)
  • permanent exhibition of photographic prints
  • UW Swansea Library
  • Websites:,,


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